Personal Styling

Skip the hassle and start looking and feeling excellent with help from Maya Charbin. With a free consultation, you can begin finding your style through a personalized styling experience.  

The Process

Consulting: Touch base & find your personal style 

I care deeply about your comfort first and foremost, that's why I would love to extend a complimentary 30 minute consultation to all of my clients. It is an opportunity for myself to be familiarized with your style and for you to speak about your goals, concerns, questions, and needs. Together you and I will carefully curate your style from top to bottom!

Home Service: Taking a look at the closet

To get things in order I will first assess what needs to go, stay, and what can be altered from your closet. As a fashion designer I will be able to help you transform your previous looks into something totally new. Once the style direction is realized and all of the new and old garments have been selected, I will compile a list of your items titled "Your Name's" Wardrobe. This will allow us to stay on the same page and determine what key pieces are missing from your closet.

Personal Shopping: Doing some footwork 

Styling is only half the fun, the other half is shopping for it! I will join you for a personalized shopping session where you and I will procure all the items from your wardrobe list. I will be right by your side as we change you in and out of looks and discuss each piece as you try it on. Each personal shopping session is slotted for 2 hours however adding additional time is an option.

Home Styling: Putting it all together

The last step is to get you looking right, with all of our desired looks in mind I will dress you, and examine the look, fit, feel & how each piece works with the rest of your wardrobe. After carefully curating all of your looks and how we can flex your new wardrobe pieces with your previous ones you are ready to flaunt your new fashion!

Package Details 

  • Services are interchangeable and flexible to create a package that suits your needs
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Pricing starting $120/hour

You and I should chat, shoot me a message below!